1. How much does a POS system cost?

A POS system is designed as a customizable system that can be configured to suit a specific business’ needs. The system cost can vary widely depending on the type of operation, the size of the business, and what kinds of solutions the business is looking for.

2. How often do I need to upgrade my system?

Our POS software development team is working constantly to improve our offerings and create an increasingly robust POS system. Many POS Dealers will offer free upgrades as part of their annual service agreement.

3. If I want to switch from a different POS system, do I need to buy new hardware?

This depends on the condition of your current hardware. Check with our local POS Dealer as to whether your existing hardware meets all the requirements or not.

4. How flexible is the system?

Our system gives the flexibility to work in a stress-free environment, as now captain doesn’t need to go anywhere. Now you can address your customers directly from the system and position your store in a better way. The cashier can see the entire table status and monitor the order items on his device. Waiters only need to pick up the order and serve it on the table, they don’t need to wait for the entry or preparation of items. We made the system very user-friendly that anyone can avail it.